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At Florida Spine Care, our goal is to provide the most advanced and compassionate care to patients in pain. Explore below to see what our patients have to say about us!

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

With Doctor Blumberg’s diagnosis and surgery, I managed to avoid living in a wheelchair, I will return to my job as a flight attendant and live a normal active life.

Gary Bement

I couldn’t get comfortable. I tried different pillows, massage and even acupuncture but my neck and shoulders were killing me. My job didn’t help; working in front of the computer hour after hour. Sometimes my hands would go numb and wake me up at night. It was unbearable. I was referred to FSS by the orthopedic surgeon who had repaired my rotator cuff and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Dalton was able to quickly figure out that I had not one but 2 problems that needed to be treated differently. I’m now back to doing things as I always have, and getting a good night’s sleep. PS: The staff was Great; very kind and compassionate. Thanks FSS

Lori McGrueter

Having been an athlete my whole life I was used to all kinds of aches, but never anything like this. I had just bent down to dry my foot after my shower and felt something give way in my back. Over the next couple of hours discomfort became agony and went down my leg. I could barely make it to the bathroom, and needed help from my wife to put on my clothes. I tried a chiropractor my buddy suggested but that made it worse. I was luckily able to see Dr. Harold Dalton the next day and he really seemed to understand what I was going through. He was able to get the MRI done quickly and I was found to have a herniated disc in my lower spine. I was told surgery would fix the problem but I did not want to do that. Dr. Dalton started a treatment plan that included medications, injections and exercise. This combination of treatment worked and I am back to playing golf twice a week and working out three times per week. I feel better than I have in years thanks to the team at Florida Spine Specialists.

Howard Dennis

I had been suffering with back and leg distress that went beyond misery for months and it was getting more and more difficult to stand and walk. Getting the mail was challenging, forget about cooking dinner! I was really at my wits end. My internist recommended that I see Dr. Dalton at Florida Spine Specialists. His exam was very thorough and he spent a long time going over my films and explained things in a way I could understand. He recommended an injection to be done with x-ray to put medication into my spine. The procedure was essentially painless and I started to feel better just days after. I was able to start physical therapy and have now been able to resume all my regular activities including my daily walks along the beach. Thank you Dr. Dalton!! Sincerely,

Shirley Gladney

“After suffering days of horrific spasms, Dr Harold Dalton was able to inject the facet joints and ended my nightmare. Miracle worker”. Sincerely,

Nancy McCue

Want to thank you again, on behalf of my mother and myself for all of the very professional, concerned and compassionate medical and warm personal care that you have provided our family. She is doing well, with the expected pain and soreness at the site of the surgery but has already expressed an marked reduction of the chronic pain in her leg and thigh.

Eric Packer